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What are Escrow Services?

Buying or selling real estate usually involves the transfer of large sums of money.

While real estate agents may recommend an escrow company or officer, in Indian River County the seller has the right to choose their settlement service providers.

It is imperative that a neutral third party, such as Oceanside Title and Escrow, handles the transfer of funds and related documents between parties involved with the transaction.The escrow process requires a team effort.  Your Escrow Officer will play a key role in the process, however, homeowners, sellers, lenders and real estate professionals are also integral throughout the process.

In many states, the Escrow Officer is known as the "Closer".  In other states, licensed attorneys handle escrows, but generally work with a closer from a title cmpany to do some of the processing.

The Escrow Holder is also tasked with completing or obtaining required forms and handling final delivery of all items to the proper parties upon the successful completion of the escrow.

The Escrow Holder impartially carries out the written instructions given by the principals (buyer, seller and lender). This includes the receiving of funds and documents deemed necessary to comply with those instructions. 

Escrow requirements vary, so your closing could require a home inspection, the purchsae of homeowners insurance, the completion of negotiated repairs and the completion of financial requirements set forth by your lender.

It is essential all conditions of the sale are met before the property and money change hands.  

To help encourage a more efficient transaction, it's important to understand the key roles in the escrow process.





What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance protects you against loss due to title defects, liens, or other similar matters. Title insurance protects you from claims of ownership by other parties. It protects you against losses from problems that arose before you bought the property. Homebuyers typically need two title insurance policies: an owner's policy and a lender's policy, which protects the lender. Read more


Various ways to hold title.

There are various ways to hold title to property and the laws vary by state. This decision has many legal ramifications that can affect you and your heirs. Please seek legal advice before making this decision. Here are a few examples of some of the most common ways title can be held.
Read more


Title Search and Examination

What is a Title Search? A title search is a means of determining that the person who is selling the property really has the right to sell it, and that the buyer is getting all the rights to the property (title) that he or she is paying for.

The search process can be undertaken by the title company in those jurisdictions where the company maintains offices.

But what exactly, is involved in a title search? Read more.